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Hi, welcome to the WeSnapThat testing family

WeSnapThat is a fun mobile application that allows you to share all of your wedding photos, corporate events, birthday parties, holidays, family events.... into one single place. Imagine creating a shared photo album of your event and having photos taken from different angles and shared by family, friends, and guests. You can now collect all your guests' photos and videos in one private album and share access with whomever you wish. WeSnapThat is highly customisable and provides 100% full security and privacy. The power is all in your hands! How does it work? - Sign up - Create your private tailored event/album - Send out invitations using Whatsapp/Email/Social media - One click access for your guests to enter your event - Quick guest sign up process to ensure privacy for your event - All Photos & Videos that everyone takes through the app will instantly get saved inside a collective online album Why choose WeSnapThat? - Gather all of your event photos more conveniently. - Easy access through a one click link invitation. No headache in typing complex passwords. - Highly customisable events; Control over media upload times Setting a limit of the number of photos & videos individual guests can upload Managing your attendee list, plus a block option - Share photos and videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and More. - Unlimited storage without spending a penny and the app is totally free as well. - Only guests you have invited, have access to your event (100% Privacy) - No marketing data to third parties Using WeSnapThat is all about a collaborative effort that turns into a fun game of sharing funny photos, happy memories & sometimes-embarrassing ones. You'll definitely be surprised at how many photos could be taken and to be impressed with your little cousin talents of taking photos. WeSnapThat offers you event photo & video sharing at its best.

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